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Parvo Virus Emergency Treatment if You Cannot Rush the Dog to a Vet

Parvo Virus Emergency Treatment if You Cannot Rush the Dog to a Vet

This is a PAWA document created by Nong Obieta. If you use the treatment procedure detailed below, note that you do so at your own risk, and that neither PAWA nor Nong Obieta will be responsible for any untoward consequences.

Parvo Virus Emergency Treatment if You Cannot Rush the Dog to a Vet

The general symptoms of parvovirus are lethargy, severe vomiting, loss of appetite and bloody, foul-smelling diarrhea that can lead to life-threatening dehydration. If you suspect a dog of having parvo virus, the following is the emergency treatment you should administer:

Have all of the following ready:
1) raw eggs,
2) sugar or honey,
3) turmeric powder (durog na luyang dilaw), which you can buy in small packages from supermarkets
4) Loperamide 2mg capsules @ P1.75 each at TGP The Generics Pharmacy. This is the generic inexpensive version of Imodium which sells for P15.00 each
5) boiled chicken
6) one 3cc (3mL) syringe dropper to use on puppies and small breed dogs and one 5cc (5mL) syringe dropper to use on adult and large breed dogs
7) Cefalexin 250mg/5mL Antibiotic Suspension (if you will use this immediately, have the drugstore mix it very well for you since it has to be used within 7 to 14 days after mixing with water. You can buy this for P37 to P50 per bottle of 60mL depending on the drugstore. Some drugstores require a prescription (reseta) while others do not. Show photos of your dog to the pharmacy if they require a prescription.
8) Dextrose Powder (from the poultry supply store) or Oral Rehydration Salts in sachets, available as TGP ORS from The Generics Pharmacy at P9.00 each sachet.

1) mix one piece egg yolk (yung dilaw ng itlog) without the egg white (hindi kasama ang puti ng itlog) with one teaspoon sugar or, even better, pure honey, and one teaspoon Turmeric Powder (yung durog na luyang dilaw) and mix all the ingredients very well.
2) Take the powder from the Loperamide capsule and mix with 3mL of the egg yolk-turmeric powder mixture, and feed it to the dog using the appropriate syringe dropper.
3) Give the remaining egg yolk – turmeric powder mixture to the dog after 30 minutes, and repeat every 6 hours until the dog’s condition gets better.
4) Mix two tablespoons (if using dextrose powder) with 250mL of clean water, or one sachet of oral rehydration salts with 200mL of clean water, and give it to the dog to drink as often as possible.
5) Take the Cefalexin 250mg/5mL antibiotic, and after making sure that it is properly and thoroughly mixed – check the bottom of the bottle and make sure there is no more powder stuck to the inside bottom, and if there is, shake the bottle some more until ALL the powder has mixed with the water. Using the appropriate syringe, give the dog based on the following dosage schedule, EVERY 12 HOURS for a minimum of 7 days, EVEN if the dog gets better or heals completely. DO NOT use any other antibiotic, such as doxycyline, or amoxicillin, or any type of tetracycline or penicillin, since only cephalosporins, such as cefalexin, are the antibiotics of choice to help treat parvo virus infections.

1 kilo = 0.65mL (point 0.65 mL, so less than 1.0mL)
2 kilos = 1.3mL
3 kilos = 2.0mL
4 kilos = 2.6mL
5 kilos = 3.3mL
6 kilos = 4.0mL
7 kilos = 4.6mL
8 kilos = 5.3mL
9 kilos = 6.0mL
10 kilos = 6.6mL

For heavier weights, just use common sense, meaning that if a dog weighs 15 kilos, for example, then just multiply the dosage for the 5-kilo dog by 3, so you would multiply 3.3mL times 3, and you would get 9.9mL, or you can also just add the dosage for the dog weighing 5 kilos to the dosage of the dog weighing 10 kilos, and you would also get 9.9mL.

6) Put the dog on a very strict diet – give only COOKED Chicken, COOKED egg, and COOKED rice for at least five (5) days. DO NOT feed the dog anything else other than this strict diet, plus the egg yolk – turmeric powder mixture.

Disclosure: some information included here were taken from various posts and comments and filtered by me for accuracy.

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